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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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causing problems in florida and it has not hit land you will it affect the delmarva beaches? plus, preparing for the next chapter. d.c. police chief tacky linear lanier sitting down with our sam ford as she gets ready to leave the department for the nfl. and getting home might be a hang up. details as "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00," on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] leon: hermine said to make landfall in hours. maureen: the big question here is will we see the effect of the powerful storm on the jamar beaches -- delmarva beaches? leon: let's get to doug hill on that. actually, not merely the extent of the wind a
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delmarva beaches there will be profound effects there from beach erosion. 14 miles an hour, topping at 75 miles per hour. showing signs that it could intensify before making landfall that is going to move up the coast. having the simulation center overland means it will slowly get weaker but it will be a very large circulation with plenty of wind and rain. it will be up for from virginia beach by the time we get to saturday afternoon. it will become stationary for a couple of days, lashing the beaches with long sets of big waves and beach erosion day after day. that is a possibility. look at the wind gusts locally. by the time we get into tomorrow night, gusts of 50 miles per hour. 57 miles per hour in virginia beach. back in our area west of the baby will not be quite as severe
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saturday night. 60 miles per hour saturday night in ocean city. it will spin and spin and spin. i will be back in a few minutes to show that. maureen: thank you, doug. labor day weekend is a busy time for traveling, but the storm systems are getting in the way. airlines are anticipating delays and cancellations because of the weather. most major airlines are waiving change fees as hermine approaches florida and waivers are in place also for hawaii, which is facing 2 storm systems. leon: maureen, the national hurricane center is expecting winds of 74 miles per hour or greater as hermine hits land. it is said to be the state's first hurricane in 11 years. a state of emergency has already been declared. we will have a live report from florida with how people are preparing at 6:15. maureen:
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up-to-date with the latest stormwatch forecast by signing up for text alerts. go to leon: we are learning that 6 employees will be disciplined by prince george's county public schools of reported misconduct at the county's headstart program. the source tells brad bell that three of the workers have been fired and the other three were told to leave or they will be fired. headunishments, after the start program grant was terminated for issues involving some staff members' treatment of children there. maureen: new information after a tragedy in leesburg. a five-month-old baby is dead, it's mother hospitalized come after the two were hit by a jeep. 2 teenagers say they are being blamed for the accident but they have nothing to do with it. the parents say they saw the crash and rushed to help them about because they got out of a jeep, seen in pictures on that is, they have been accused
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>> i am a mother and my heart just aches. the boys saw everything. they did not cause the crash, they did not have any involvement whatsoever. maureen: no criminal charges have been filed in the crash. there is a growing memorial for the victims. the mother remains in serious condition. leon: a change in the d.c. police department. r istime chief cathy lanie leaving this month and will take a job with the nfl. she sat down with sam ford one last time to talk about her legacy. sam: she joined the department as a young mom. >>; i took this job 26 years ago because i wanted to take care of my sons. single mom, the department offered tuition reimbursement. sam: she worked her way up to district commander. when channel seven asterisk she would be chief one day -- >> i'm good what i'm doing right now. sam: she was tasked by new
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adrian fenty as his chief. >> i want them to know i do care. were sites were first year 181. in 2012 they did to 88. >> i was so happy to be under 100. sam: she was not your average chief. a hugger and joker. she says she's leaving because she needs to take better care of her mom and her six-figure pension and with what she will make as head of nfl security, she will do that. moving with her -- >> mom, dogs, and the boyfriend. sam: september 15 is her last day on the job here in washington. while she would not tell us exactly who she wanted to see replace her as chief, she says she hopes the mayor selects someone within the d.c. department.
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headquarters in northwest washington, i'm sam ford, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, sam. thousands of people are underway their way to nats park for the bruce springsteen concert tonight. they are having a problem getting their but they may face challenges when they try to get home. lisa gayle is live outside to explain. annalisa? maureen, i can tell you that fans are super excited for the bruce springsteen concert tonight. it kicks off at 7:30 and the gates open at 5:30. we have seen a lot of folks filing in from the navy yard metro station, but like you said, some are worried they will have a hard time getting home to one person i talked to is prepared to grab an uber after the show. the last train to greenbelt dissent 11:37 tonight. some springsteen fans are not happy. some of
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overtime. he sometimes performs for up to four hours. >> if we want to get more cars off the road and want to support the population to be able to do things like this, the metro needs to be open. and we needed to support that. >> if the concert does go over, people who are relying on the metro will have to leave the concert early. what do you think about that? >> that may be so. we are diehard bruce springsteen fans so that is not going to be us. anna-lysa: we will be here tonight when this concert wraps up. coming up tonight at 10:00 and
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[000:11:00;00] maureen: one day after meeting -- leon: one day after meeting with mexico's president, donald trump laying out his proposals for the immigration system. he wants to deport those who have overstayed their visas and limit the number of illegal immigrants. trump: we are going to create a special deportation task force. mexico will pay for the wall. leon: however, mexico's president wrote today in a newspaper op-ed during yesterday's meeting he made clear to trump that mexico does not intend to pay for the wall. maureen? maureen: an earlier democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine blasted trump for his meeting with the mexican president. folded like trump an accordion, as he put it. trump has said repeatedly that he will build the wall and make
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mexico pay for it, but said he should have brought up that issue during the meeting with mexico's president. coming up tonight and we continue to track hurricane hermine. it is expected to make landfall in florida in the coming hours. a live report from florida. leon: and as the storm continues to strengthen and turn, we look at how it will impact labor day plans here.
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there's too much partisanship. i approve this message
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because washington needs more common-sense problem solvers. leon: we are seeing some rough surf on the coast of florida now. hurricane hermine putting a damper on the holiday weekend and people's plans there. thisno mistake, folks, could be life-threatening. we want to get to marcy gonzales, who is live on the beach. what is happening right now? arci: we are not far from where the worst is expected. since the outer edge of where
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they are predicting a good. things are really calm. you can see the waves kicking up just a bit but still hours away from this storm making landfall. it is already causing some damage. the drenching outer bands of hurricane hermine already flooding parts of florida. >> still about four and a half inches of water in the house. >> is is really does. hermine in sarasota, voluntary evacuations. >> strip the a voluntary evacuation. marci: as the storm heads for a direct hit on the coast. >> the thing we are to put in our minds is this is life-threatening. marci: hermine would be the first hurricane to make landfall in florida and more than a decade, making the category one the first in his lifetime. >> kind of happy, kind of nervous.
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you conserve. -- can surf. i'm kind of scared. marci: concern into action, boarding up windows and putting out sandbags, saying this is a drill they know well but don't take lightly. >> this is what it is. you listen and watch. if you think you can ride it out, ride it ou. marci: but it is not just people -- not just people in florida getting ready. with tropical storm watches and warnings extending all the way up to the jersey shore. live in mexico beach, florida, marci gonzalez, abc7 news. leon: might want to tell that kid that surfing is not a good idea. maureen: what about us? doug: d.c. metro, if the storm stays on the track it is on right now and doesn't do anything unexpected, most everywhere west of chesapeake bay will get off easy.
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our area will be breezy at times but every 10, go of the day will get rainier and rainier. let's take a look at what we have for you right now. circulation of hurricane hermine still located a good 50, 60 miles south of the upper coast of the florida peninsula. it is really getting stronger now. you know it by looking at this enhanced satellite image. it shows the strength of the storms developing. with that in mind, 75-mile per hour sustained winds gusting to 90 miles an hour. it is possible before it makes landfall about the mouse east of where we saw marci a while ago. sustained winds could be 80, 85. then it will move the next few days and we can of it as a goes northeast. it will pass to the southeast and the underside of the storm tracker. the worst effects of the storms are to the east and southeast and north of the center.
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the winston issue about 50 mes to about 50 miles per hour. the problem with this one, with all storms, the further out in time you go, the more unreliable the guidance gets. the storm track goes into this big circle when we get to sunday, monday, and used. -- and to sacred in may wobble of it and head back to the coast. this is the way things are supposed to look a little after midnight tonight, making landfall. apalachicola, eastern north carolina, takes it to 8:30 tomorrow. no rain for us, just cloudy and breezes. morning, 10:00 in the a lot of heavy rain over the southern freight and eastern shore of the ocean and some rain in our area possible through the morning but then it shifts off to the east. gusty winds and cloudy skies and a few scattered showers. some computer models are
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suggesting as we get into sun west. chance of showers back here with strong, gusty winds. keep your eye on ocean city as we go through the time period. saturday, 7:00 a.m., wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. 60 miles per hour by noon on saturday. we are breezy here but nothing to worry about. 60-mile per hour gusts saturday afternoon. that is the way it is going to go. rainfall the same way. the further away from the coast, the lighter the amount of rain. this is why the track is so important. as it moves more to the left, more to the northwest, heavier rain will move back to the west as well. that is the latest on the storm. steve rudin will be in through the evening with updates and advisories for you as well. shocker.s is a real i know you think this is no big
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deal, but some of us are wondering. erin: well, we will talk more, i don't want to give it all away, but a redskins fan made an unbelievable discovery. young playmaker may finally get a chance to show
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what he can do tonight.
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>> and now, the toyota sports erin: this story just bizarre. a redskins fan says he was cleaning out apart when a trash bag inside the dumpster caught his eye. that is when he discovered the redskins workbooks. that has a lot of people talking . the man who says he found them is josh in ashburn. he called the "sports junkies" radio show this morning to share the news and the player who allegedly dumped the books, and undrafted free-agent who was among the teams first round of cuts. a redskins official tells abc7 sports that there was nothing "important" in the books as the actual playbooks are distributed on ipads. the baltimore ravens, they will close out the 2016 preseason schedule tonight in new orleans, again you can see right here on
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abc7. ravens fans should finally get a chance to or shargh carmen in action. he will suit up for his first game since december 2014, when he was in college. the wide receiver had 2 knee injuries that kept him out of action. here is ravens head coach john harbaugh on what kind of debut he expects from him tonight. >> i do want to see him out there playing. it would be something we want to see him do if we can. that will be up to docs. erin: harbaugh kind of left us hanging there -- will he play or run t -- won't he? that is why you have to tune into abc7. pregame coverage at 7:30, so that means no "jeopardy" tonight. kickoff at 8:00.
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andy murray played under the roof at our fresh stadium, where he -- arthur ashe stadium, where granollers to advance to the next round. the nationals had the day off today before they begin a three-game series at the mets tomorrow night. a lot happening today. leon: now find a trash can duty from now on. erin: going through those. leon: i don't want to see that. maureen: what is the latest, doug? doug: hermine will make landfall around midnight and steve rudin will be watching that with important updates from the hurricane center. showers breezy locally saturday and sunday. early next week, to be honest, the weather here is going to be influenced by what happens with hermine. that is why steve will be tracking it tonight he will show that at 11:00.
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great rates for great rides. tonight, breaking news. hurricane hermine ready to strike. widespread flooding. damaging winds up to 75 miles per hour. and now, parts of florida under a tornado watch. plus, millions in the northeast could see a labor day washout. our team in the storm zone. disaster on the launch pad. the spacex rocket exploding in a huge ball of fire, destroying a $200 million satellite to be used by facebook. mixed message. donald trump's hardline stand on undocumented immigrants. so today, why is he saying he's, quote, "softening his position"? the abc news exclusive. basketball star dwyane wade speaking out about the death of


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